If you want to experience the whole Southbound vibe and you want to camp but you want it all done for you, a Pampered Camper ticket could be perfect.

The best thing about a Pampered Camper ticket is that you don’t have to bring a tent – one will be all set up and waiting for you when you arrive.  And you can park your vehicle right beside the tent we’ve set up for you!

For safety reasons, once parked, vehicles in the pampered camper campground cannot be moved until 6.00am on Monday 11th January. Please use the camper’s shuttle buses if you wish to leave the festival to go into Busselton on Saturday or Sunday mornings. If you do need to leave before 6.00am on Monday 11th January, you will still be able to camp, but you won’t be able to drive your vehicle into the pampered camper campground. You will need to leave your vehicle in the parking area, and walk into the campground.

Due to space restrictions, all pampered camper tents are for two people with one car, so you will need to purchase your Pampered Camper ticket with your friend or partner. You and your friend/partner will be allocated your tent and single car space upon arrival by the friendly Southbound staff (if they aren’t friendly, complain loudly). If you want to camp as a group, then you all must arrive together and our staff will make sure you stick together.

All Pampered Campers will receive a large 4 man tent (for two people only) and raised camping beds.

So this is what a Pampered Camper ticket gets you:

  • Access to a separately fenced camping area which is close to Base Camp and the festival entrance.
  • Separate Pampered Camper vehicle access.
  • Your own tent (for 2 people only) which will be set up and waiting for you when you arrive, which you can park right next to. A camp bed will be provided, but please bring your own comfy bedding i.e. sleeping bag and favourite pillow!
  • Access to dedicated toilets and showers.
  • Access to a shady seated Pampered Camper chill area where you can enjoy a kick-starting breakfast and fresh coffee (meals not included in ticket price).

Some things to note:

You’ll be able to go into the general camping area but other campers who haven’t purchased Pampered Camper tickets won’t be able to access the Pampered Camper area.

At the end of the festival, just head off and we will pack down the tent for you (the tent and the beds remain the property of Sunset Events so please leave them behind).

Note that Pampered Camper tickets DO NOT INCLUDE ENTRY TO VIP. If you wish to upgrade to VIP, you will need to do so when you purchase your ticket. More info on VIP tickets here!