Camping tickets are sold on the following terms and conditions:

YOU MUST BE 18+ TO CAMP.  Under 18s cannot camp, even if accompanied by a parent.

VALID PHOTO ID is required for entry. Only the following forms of ID are acceptable for entry to the festival under WA Liquor Licensing Laws:

  • A current Australian driver’s license with photograph;
  • A current passport;
  • A current Australian learner’s driver permit with photograph;
  • WA Proof of Age Card;
  • Proof of Age card or equivalent issued in an Australian state or territory;
  • A current WA Photo Card;
  • A current NSW Photo Card;
  • A Photo Card issued by any Australian state or Territory similar to the NSW/WA Photo Card.

CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOL WITHIN THE CAMPGROUND IS NOT PERMITTED. Any camper found in possession of alcohol or found consuming alcohol, will be immediately evicted from the campground and their ticket will be cancelled without refund.

Upon arrival to the campground all vehicles, bags and camping equipment will be searched by our friendly staff.  Any prohibited items will be confiscated (and not returned).

Camping is prohibited unless you have purchased a valid festival ticket. You will not be able to swap from camping to non-camping and vice versa once at the festival.

For safety reasons, once you have parked you may NOT move your vehicle from or within the campground UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES until 6.00AM on Friday 30th December 2016.

Check the Dates and Times section for opening and closing times for campground entry. Please do not arrive outside these times as you will be turned away.

Campground entry closes at 9.00pm each day so please arrive prior to that time.

The campground closes at 10.00am on Friday 30th December 2016. You must be packed up by this time.

Limited passouts for campers to catch the shuttle bus into Busselton on Thursday morning will be available via the bus stop exit/entry in the campground. Campers may only leave the festival via these shuttle buses (you cannot move your car for safety reasons).

Wristbands are not transferable and must be worn at all times. WRISTBANDS WILL NOT BE REPLACED IF LOST.  If you are found without a wristband, you will be removed from the venue.

Camping tickets are per person – not per campsite.

Camping/parking sites are allocated upon arrival at the sole discretion of Southbound staff. Ticket-holders cannot choose their own site.

If you intend to camp/park alongside friends, you MUST arrive together – NO EXCEPTIONS. Sites cannot be reserved for later arrivals.

Alcohol, animals, glass, illegal substances, drums, sporting equipment or anything that could be used as a weapon are not permitted in the campground.

No metal hammers or mallets (plastic ones are ok). If you need assistance, Camp Wardens will be on hand to bang in your tent pegs.

There is a TOTAL FIRE BAN – strictly no fires of any kind (including gas and open fires), flares or fireworks. Anyone possessing them will be evicted from the site.